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Dear Valued Employer,

Welcome to the on-line access system for Workers’ Compensation Employers as presented by Galen 2000, the software of choice in many modern medical practices. This user-friendly system provides employers like yourself with instant access to HIPAA compliant reports such as the Doctors’ First Reports and Status Reports for your workers’ comp employees.

By clicking on the E-Galen icon above, you will be taken to the E-Galen system, which will require your user name and password to access your records. To arrange these secured codes, please call our Marketing department at (562) 926-3440 Ext. 313

Navigating E-Galen

1) Select Patient
Please click on the drop-down arrow at the first box under Patient Information. This will show you a list of your company’s workers’ comp patients seen who are past or current HealthFirst patients. Click on the name you wish to review, and the next screen will appear.

2) Work Status
Shows basic data including last and next visit, disability status and date, and any restrictions.

3) Reports
Employers may review (and print) actual reports in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, click on the icon below to get a free download from Adobe…

Adobe Reader

When you choose to view a report the first time for a patient, Acrobat Reader will open and display the report. To see another report for that patient, close the report by clicking on the “x” at the upper right, and choose another date or another report.

4) First Report
You may view (and print) the First Report from the initial visit. This report (by law) is sent to the Workers Compensation insurance company after the initial visit. The insurance adjustor may deem the visit “First Aid” if it meets their criteria.

5) Status (Capability) Reports
View a status report for each visit date by choosing the date from the “Report Date Ranges” box. This would also show the next plan of treatment and the date of the next appointment.

This new system provides you with enhanced, faster communication and information. We will still fax or e-mail at your request, and continue to have our physicians personally call you on all visits. We thank you for your cooperation as we initiate service with E Galen and welcome you aboard. If you have further questions about E-Galen, please contact Alex Saulus, Director of Marketing E-mail: alexsaulus@healthfirstmedical.net