Once your injured employee is seen at our clinic, our goal is not only to provide excellent medical care and service, but also to communicate with both the employer and insurance carrier in order to appropriately manage the case from an administrative standpoint. At Health First Medical Group, some of the available case management services include:

  • Contacting the employer immediately after the initial injury and follow up treatment regarding the employee’s medical status.
  • Providing your company representative with ongoing information regarding an injured employee’s medical status, including: recommended plan of treatment, anticipated recovery, work restrictions, changes in medical status and any referrals to specialists.
  • Monitoring and facilitating an injured worker’s prompt recovery and return to work.
  • Identification of health education and preventative services which could minimize work related injuries.
  • Preparation of annual statistical and administrative reports to assist the employer to monitor the comparative effectiveness of their Occupational Health Program.
  • Contacting the insurance company for all authorizations for specialty care
  • Assisting your company in the designation of a Workers’ Compensation physician panel.