FederalDrugTestingAnother way we assist our clients in remaining compliant with State and Federal law is by providing a drug consortium. With our drug consortium program, even the smallest of companies can pool the resources of larger organizations, with the goal of 100% compliance with Federal random drug testing requirements. For one low annual fee, we will simplify the administration, random selection, collation of results and reporting requirements and provide protection against non-compliance penalties to those businesses that do not or cannot employ a compliance professional.

Advantages and Benefits of Consortium Membership:

  • Consortium clients can fully comply with DOT mandated regulations at a single source, eliminating multiple providers, invoicing and headaches.
  • Smaller companies (less than 50 covered employees) will save money through their collective buying power and even distribution of costs amongst the membership.
  • Single annual fees based on the number of donors in the pool allow for ease of budgeting. All random testing requirements are included in this fee.
  • Complex administration is handled by knowledgeable professionals.
  • All records and MIS reporting are centrally consolidated and prepared.
  • Members receive technical and administrative support from qualified, knowledgeable professionals in the event of DOT audits
  • All necessary service elements are available on a pay as you need them basis.
  • Reduction of workplace safety problems, theft, absenteeism and accidents
  • Members take a proactive role in preventing injuries in the workplace. This proactive role is favored by the courts, many insurance companies and increasingly by organized labor.