HealthFirst Medical Group is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the treatment of all occupational injuries and illnesses. From the moment your injured employee arrives at our facility, they can expect to be treated in the following manner:

  • With excellent customer service
  • With the highest level of quality care
  • On a timely basis
  • With respect and dignity

Your employee will be asked to complete some brief yet very important paperwork (in English or Spanish) describing the injury and providing a detailed medical history. Once the paperwork is returned to the receptionist, your employee will be given the appropriate priority status to be seen by one of our experienced medical providers. Our medical providers will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your employee and determine the best course of treatment for their injury, and to get them back to their regular duties as quickly as possible.

During the evaluation our medical providers may determine that x-rays, medications, or medical supplies may be necessary to both assess your employee’s condition and help in the treatment process. All this and much more is provided at both HealthFirst locations, eliminating the need for your employee to obtain testing, medications, and supplies at other locations.

Once the initial visit is completed, our medical provider will contact you or your designated representative to provide you with a medical and work status of your employee. In the event that your injured employee cannot be returned to their regular duties, our medical providers can return them to a modified duty status based upon your company’s requirements and protocols.

Follow Up Care

Follow up care is fast and easy too. Your employee will sign in at the reception desk and be called in for their appointment in a prompt manner. Another very comprehensive evaluation will be performed in order to determine how your employee is progressing. Once again, our main goal is that of resolving your employee’s injury, treating them with respect and dignity, and returning them back to their regular duties.

Value Added Benefits

  • Bi-lingual staff
  • Free return to work transportation available (ask for details)
  • Large panel of “in house” referral specialists
  • We are listed on all major Medical Provider Networks (MPN’s)