SpecialtyCareHealthFirst Medical contracts with outside specialists in Orthopedics, Pain Management, EMG and Acupuncture.  These specialist come to our office to see patients who are referred for a consultation or treatment.  We do this for the convenience of our patients.  All the Specialists who treat our patients are Board Certified physicians and the Acupuncturist is licensed with a Master of Sciences in Oriental Medicine.

Orthopedics:  Patients are referred to Orthopedics if they have injuries that do not resolve in a timely matter with conservative treatment.  The Orthopedist evaluates and treats injuries of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendon, muscles and nerves.  Some injuries may require surgery, while other can resolve with physical therapy.

Pain Management:  Some patients had chronic pain from their injury.  The pain management specialist uses a combination of pharmacologic management and interventional management for pain.  Interventional procedures include epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, neurolytic blocks, spinal cord stimulators.

Electro Diagnostic Medicine (EMG/NCS):  In order to correctly diagnose an injury the patient may require an EMG (electromyography) test that is used to measure the electrical activity of a patient’s muscles or a NCS (nerve conduction study) that measures the intensity and speed of the electrical signals that travel along the nerves, in addition to the reaction time for a response to these signals.  These test help find the cause of a variety of conditions relating to muscles, such as paralysis, pain, spasms, numbness and tingling, and weakness.  Results can also help to pinpoint the location of the problem.

Acupuncture:  It is a form of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for centuries.  It’s based on the theory that energy, called chi, flows through and around your body along pathways called meridians.  People use acupuncture to relieve pain and treat certain health conditions.  Many patients who have not found relief from pain with conventional pain medications, turn to acupuncture which works for many forms of chronic pain.